the people you tweep

I am enamoured of Twitter – to say the very least. And, by a stroke of tweeting good fortune, this week I crossed Twitter paths with a  radio announcer from my neck of the woods. Carol Duncan from our local ABC radio station kindly invited me on her show on Wednesday. The night before my interview I dreamt that I overslept  and had to go to the station unwashed and with bad hair. I also dreamt that every time I wanted to speak I had to push a button but kept forgetting which one!! To say I was a tad nervous is putting it mildly.

Happily, Carol was a (good) dream come true. Gracious, clever and so easy to chat to. I felt like I was sitting having a gab with a friend.

I can’t wait to visit her again next year – and that means I HAVE to start my novel. About bloody time I say.

If you want to have a little listen to Carol’s  caramel voice (and my posh ‘radio’ one) – it’s here.



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9 responses to “the people you tweep

  1. Carol

    You were a great guest and we will have much fun on the radio next year. We might drag Kerri into the occasional chat! X

  2. Priscilla

    It was great to hear you on the radio, you must have been so excited! I thought you were fabulous. Carol has this way of making it sound like whoever she is talking to is an old friend, she’s so warm, genuine and friendly. Can’t wait to read you book…. Signed copy please!

  3. Hi Jayne, I discovered you on Twitter through a couple of mutual “Tweeps” (the terminology is all new to me, I only just really started Tweeting myself very recently). The day I started following you I heard you on the radio talking to Carol – what a lovely conversation to listen to. As great as the interweb is, it can sometimes leave me feeling a bit displaced, not as grounded in time and space as I’d like, so it was a lovely cross-over to hear the interview on my local ABC radio and feel at once connected with my community and that great big cyberworld that I’ve only just started venturing into! Also it has inspired me to stop lurking around reading blogs and tweets and start adding my voice to the conversation… well, as much as I can while caring for two small children anyway! So thanks.

    • hey Sarah – how nice to ‘meet’ you. The interwebs can be a little dislocating so I’m glad Carol and I bridged the gap a little. Be sure to say hi to me on Twitter. It’s a wonderful community.

      • Oh we’ve already ‘chatted’ a few times, my twitter thingy is Maya_Abeille… I haven’t quite got the knack of when to use a made-up name and when to use my ‘real’ name! I think my real name is underneath the other one on Twitter anyway, just getting the hang of it all…!

  4. Angela

    I thought you were wonderful!
    You sounded so relaxed. I would have been stuttering and stumbling over all of my words but you were a total professional. Well Done You.

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