free books to give away for free. srsly, they’re free.

You know how you have people who you look up to? People who inspire you? People who make you think, ‘That’s how I wanna be’? Well Kylie Ladd is one of those people for me.

A couple of years ago I started following Kylie’s weekly blog on Web Child. It was around the time that I was making moves towards writing seriously myself. Reading Kylie’s pieces I made up my mind that I wanted to get me one of them thar blog thingies.  And so I did. I was thrilled to be keeping company with Kylie on the same website. When she finally left it was with the announcement that she was off to await the publication and release of her first novel – After the Fall – and to concentrate on writing her second. More inspiration for me.

After the Fall. I'm telling you, it's good.

Before After the Fall was released, Kylie had already published two books: Living with Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias (2006) and Naked: Confessions of Adultery Infidelity (with Leigh Langtree,2008). I had only read a little of the latter – a non-fiction collection of essays and personal stories about infidelity. From that small taste I could see that it was an intelligently edited work, published not for titillation but in a spirit of social and cultural exploration.

It’s easy to see that some of Kylie’s discoveries during the editing of Naked may have informed the narrative and characters of After the Fall. But her novel also showed that she is a writer of amazing breadth. Her fiction writing is as engaging as her blogs and the opinion pieces which have featured in publications like The Age and O Magazine.

By the time I grabbed a copy of After The Fall Kylie and I had struck up a tentative email friendship due to our Web Child connection. She is amazingly supportive, friendly and down to earth. Naturally, I was worried about reading her novel – what if I didn’t like it?

I have only ever read one other novel by a writer with whom I had such a friendship. That was the wonderful Joanne Fedler. Joanne wrote Secret Mothers’ Business and I so engaged with the narrator in that book that as soon as I closed the last page I scribbled off an effusive fan email to the author. My heart literally skipped a beat when Jo’s reply landed in my inbox several minutes later. Joanne is an amazing woman and a wonderful writer. During the time that we chatted online she was in the final edits of her novel Things Without a Name. I bought a copy the first day it was released and was so thrilled to discover that I ADORED her book. I can imagine it would be kinda awkward if I didn’t. (BTW Joanne will have a new book out this year and I will let you all know when it is released.)

Happily, when I finished After The Fall I had the same feeling. I wanted to shout out, “Bravo Kylie!” Luckily by this stage I had my own little website and I was able to post a review of After The Fall. You can read it here.

Kylie’s star continues to rise. After the Fall is into its first reprint in Australia and – how excitement! – is being published by Random House in the US in June of this year. I am super proud of Kylie. She’s an Australian author going places and that’s ALWAYS a good thing.

So – to celebrate the whole darn thing – Kylie has kindly given me three copies of After the Fall to give away. I’d like to be cheeky and say tell me your story of infidelity for a chance to win, but I don’t really think I’m equipped (despite previous assertions) for quite THAT much oversharing. So all I need is a comment here – before midnight on Sunday Feb 14th. Even just a smiley face. I will put all commenters into a random integer draw thingy (It’s ok – I do it at work all the time. I’m not really a flake 🙂 and I am very honest and fair). And you too could have your very own copy of this book. It’s a fabulous novel to curl up and lose yourself in. Trust me.

BTW – as of last night you can find Kylie on Twitter. I must say I played a small hand in seducing her to the dark side. But with the fabulous welcome she got from my tweeps I know that now she can see why I love ’em so much. 🙂 Kylie’s Twitter name is @kylie_ladd.



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31 responses to “free books to give away for free. srsly, they’re free.

  1. OzAz

    Being the victim of infidelity I’m not sure I’d want to read a book like this.

    Strongly suspecting your partner is having an affair, questioning them about it, being lied to and having them denying it (even threatening you to stop asking them “or else”), is very difficult to live with. When said partner finally leaves (with the person they’d been having an affair with) and your suspicions are confirmed you lose all trust and respect you ever had for that person.

    Additionally many other people beside you and your partner and the person they were having an affair with and his partner, can get hurt by the whole thing.

    • I am so sorry this happened to you. Trust me, Kylie’s book does not set out in any way to romanticise or make cheaters out as ‘good guys’. But she does explore the complexities – including the pain – of infidelity.

  2. Slawgirl

    My goodness, what a complex topic, would love to read this one, and if I don’t win, I do promise to buy a copy!

  3. Kylie L

    OzAz- with Jayne, I’m so sorry to hear your story. I absolutely understand that you wouldn’t want to be within ten feet of either of my last two books, but I do want to add that neither was written lightly, or to cheapen, trivialise or in any way ‘glamourise’ the pain involved. My reasons for interest in the area are outlined in my interview with Jayne, which she’s linked to above- and are also, I guess, because I’m a psychologist as well as a writer, and fascinated by people- by why we make the choices we do and how we live with those choices. As I state in the introduction, Naked is a much sadder book than my co-author and I expected… it’s certainly not an advertisment for infidelity. Without wanting to give anything away I’m not sure that After The Fall is either! Sorry again though if this was a tough post for you to read- all the best.

  4. Oo oo, pick me, PICK ME!!! 😉

  5. It’s always exciting to discover a new author, especially an Australian one! Thanks for the intro to Kylie’s work, Jayne, and I love your review of her book. It sounds intriguing and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  6. Kylie L

    I would also like it noted that while Jayne may have introduced me to Twitter, I’m pretty darn sure I introduced her to Mad Men…

    • Jo

      Ha ha, Mad Men introduction trumps twitter introduction. I can say that as I am yet to be seriously bitten by twitter.

      But actually I got on to say GO! Australian writers, hope you get good support for your work.

  7. Liz

    Pick me too 😉

  8. Love a competition. 🙂

    • An Idle Dad

      Three years ago I gave my wife “The Bride Stripped Bare” as a first wedding anniversary present on no more than a “that book isn’t bad” recomendation.
      She took great delight in telling me what it was about afterwards.
      Our fourth anniversary is Thursday, I figure I’ll miss it but could get this by valentines?

  9. So fantastic to hear ‘After the Fall’ has done so well. Always loved reading Kylie’s blogs and articles on Web Child and in the Child mags. So what the hey, gotta be in it … 🙂

  10. Jenny (@jayjaycee1 )

    I would love to give this as a gift to a friend who has chosen to only read books by Australian women, this year! Thanks Jayne and Kylie!

  11. Nooooo! Pick me! I already have to convince mother she wants, no NEEDS minus the boombah! Not sure I can convince her she needs this too! Argh! That sounds so juvenile but i am a mid 20s poor uni student starting over after the one who cheated! Oooh! Sob story!!!!

  12. Cil

    I’d love a copy. If I don’t win I’m going to hunt it and the others down anyway, they sound fascinating.

  13. Lynnie

    As a victim, for want of a better word, of infidelity, I would be interested to read this book.
    18 yrs ago my then husband left me and our two daughters aged 9 & 5 to go with the subject of his affair.
    I was for many years bitter and a man hater, the experience of not being wanted weighed heavily on me, as I raised my daughters on my own.
    That experience is not something that is easily forgotten or easy to move on from.
    However I discovered I have both resilience and strength and eventually I grew myself both intellectually through study, then professionally and also emotionally.
    After 10 years I eventually met someone I could grow with, and he with me, that appeal was was encouraging enough that we fell in love and we are now very happily married.
    I am now very happy with how my life has evolved and I have learnt to accept that everything happens for a reason.

  14. If I don’t win it I’ll probably buy/borrow it anyway (will check the library first! Sorry re: lost royalties, that’s how I roll these days)… the best books are usually those recommended by people with similar interests or whose taste you trust, regardless of subject matter, it’s the writing style that appeals to me first. And Jayne good on you for trumpeting your friend’s success from the rooftops, so nice to see women supporting each other and feeling truly happy when the other succeeds. x

  15. I found your website when I was searching for something not related at all, but this page was one of the first sites listed in Yahoo, your website must be pretty popular! Continue the good work!

  16. Jess

    Sounds like a very interesting book. I tend to only read books that have been personally recommended so will hopefully get the chance to read this one 🙂

  17. Kath

    Really looking forward to reading this. I love a book that challenges you to look at issues from all points of view (even uncomfortable ones). Although I find it difficult to condone the betrayal of a deep trust by being unfaithful and all the damage that comes with that, humans are never-the-less such complex beings and I find it interesting to take a peep at how other minds work. Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ on this one Jayne, I hope you don’t mind if I share Kylie as an inspiration with you, seems she has plenty to go around! 🙂

  18. Shalimar


    I used to think it happened to ‘other’ people.

    Weak people.

    And then I met someone who has turned my world upside down and inside out.

    And I still don’t know the answer.

  19. Sounds fabulous. That’s two people just in the past hour who have raved about this book. I’m going to break my “usually reads biographies” and get me a copy! (Unless I win it, of course.) 😉

  20. It is the one true joy of being a published writer that sometimes a reader will write to you and you end up with a friendship. Thank you Jayne for your generosity and the wonderful things you say about my books here. When my new book comes out, I’m offering some giveaways for you to give to your followers too. It’s called When Hungry, Eat and it’s all about losing weight and letting go – in the spirit of Eat, Pray, Love – but more about saying no to the chocolate mousse.
    Keep writing, I can’t wait for your book to come out.
    x Jo

  21. Amy

    Perfect timing for your post, Jayne. I need inspiration to keep writing! Off to find out more about Kylie.

  22. I think I would love to read this book.

    Aussie writers – I love you.

  23. Count me in, I love a good read.

  24. Ami

    Can’t wait to read it. ‘Free’ copy or otherwise! Thanks for the introduction to Kylie’s books Jayne!!! 🙂

  25. Thought I already commented but maybe not. So now I have lol

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