and the winners are…

Holy f*&% I am not equipped for this hi-tech venture. However I did manage – after discovering a bloody spammer in the works – to draw the winners. As above board as I could possibly manage without men in suits looking over my shoulders.

So here’s the *thing*:

PLEASE NOTE: The top three numbers in the random integer draw are the winners. 🙂 You know I love you @mrgrumpystephen but jesus you make things difficult sometimes. 🙂

Kylie Ladd Giveaway



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3 responses to “and the winners are…

  1. Missed it by that much (as they say in the classics). That’s OK, the book was being talked up so much that I bought it anyway… and discovered there was a reason it was being spoken of so highly.

    It was brilliant!

  2. Ha! Not just good looking, smart, and appropriately fit, but lucky too!

  3. Yay! Thank you. Will you accept a book review as payment in kind?

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